advise companies, enterprises and senior managers in all legal matters including drafting and negotiating contracts as well as providing legal opinions. In litigation disputes we have a right of audience in all German high and appeal courts (Landgericht, Oberlandesgericht).

Our litigation services comprise dispute resolution by way of arbitration, adjudication and mediation. Our particular strength lies in our services to companies in German-Anglo-American cross-border matters and European Law.

We also advise property owners, municipalities and civil pressure groups in construction planning, noise emissions through streets, rails and aviation as well as adverse effects from toxic substances.

EDIFICIA Lawyers International Law Firm.

Overview of our Services

Taxation in Germany

German taxation is often regarded as confusing and obscure. Indeed, the complex system of direct and indirect taxes in Germany, from inheritance tax and dog tax to excise duties and VAT, seems rather complicated to Germans and foreigners alike. More...

Mergers and Acquisitions

Edificia Rechtsanwälte is known for its unbiased advice to senior managers of foreign companies who have targeted a German company for a potential merger or acquisition opportunity. At the end of a due diligence process, we are equally open to recommend, as well as to warn against, such a transaction. More...

Court Action & Alternative Dispute Resolution

EDIFICIA have experienced commercial litigation lawyers who represent particularly clients with an Anglo-American background (former Commonwealth Countries) in literally all cross-border matters. More...

EU Tenders and Public Procurement Law

Being awarded a contract for public works and for the purchase of goods and services in accordance with the principles underlying the Treaties of the European Union is not always easy for smaller and medium-sized companies (SME). More...



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