4. Sep. 2017

Long Truck Queues on British Borders if no BREXIT Deal is Reached – and Winston Churchill’s solution

The British and the EU negotiators are still fighting over the Brexit-Agenda while time is running […]
6. Jun. 2017
New EU Data Protection Rules

New EU-Data Protection rules

EU-Data Protection rules: All Companies, but in particular Smaller and Medium-sized Companies (SME) will be threatened […]
9. May. 2017
EDIFICIA International Lawyers - International Law Firm

Public Procurement in the European Union

EDIFICIA Lawyers has been successful in representing the interests of Companies in Public Procurement & EU-Tendering against […]
24. Apr. 2017

OLAF European Anti-Fraud Office investigations: on-the-spot-checks

OLAF European Anti-Fraud Office Investigations European Anti-Fraud Office has the task to protect the financial interests of […]
7. Apr. 2017

The International Network Meeting in Madrid

The International Network of EDIFICIA Lawyers enjoyed a very successful meeting in Madrid on 16th March 2017 […]
22. Feb. 2017
Taxation in Germany

Third Party Damages Claims against Tax Advisers for Wrong Advice

The liability risks of tax advisers in tax planning are often underestimated. The statutory rights of […]