Brexit: Open Letter from 100 British Companies

In an open letter initiated by the British Chamber of Industry (CBI) on 18th September 2017, 100 British companies demand an interim solution for Brexit over […]

Deutsche Bank Sees Frankfurt Clearly Ahead in the wake of Brexit.

As was reported in the German Stock Market Journal ‘Börsenzeitung’ on 7th September 2017, John Cryan, Head of Deutsche Bank sees Frankfurt as the undoubted winner […]
When do Frankfurt Schools Need to Take Brexit Seriously?

When do Frankfurt Schools Need to Take Brexit Seriously?

Frankfurt is probably the most cosmopolitan city of all German cities. The American Headquarter in Frankfurt after World War Two left behind an Anglo-American culture as […]

BREXIT: Relocation headquarters to Frankfurt, Germany?

BREXIT RELOCATION Post-Brexit relocation: Will it be just rumors or reality in two years? Uncertainty calls for prudent contingency plans. Inevitably, the relocation topic comes up […]

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution Small Video Series about  Alternative Dispute Resolution: Mediation, Arbitration and Adjudication from German Lawyer Bertrand Prell (Lawyer/Solicitor). Mediation The concept of Mediation contrasts with arbitration. […]
Bertrand H. Prell: Mediation: Alternative Dispute Resolution


The concept of Mediation contrasts with Arbitration. Arbitration usually replaces a court action ending with an enforceable decision of the Arbitration Tribunal.
Bertrand H. Prell: International Arbitration: Alternative Dispute Resolution.

International Arbitration

International Arbitration Dispute Resolution is a Arbitration, which is probably most widely used and the most common form of alternative dispute resolution. it is in contrast […]
Bertrand H. Prell: Adjudication: Alternative Dispute Resolution.


Adjudication – Alternative Dispute Resolution The concept of Adjudication it is probably the most recent concept but it has become quite fashionable especially with internationally operating companies […]