Contracts with Suppliers of Goods and Services

Edificia Rechtsanwälte being a commercial law Firm is particularly strong in advising Suppliers of Goods and Providers of Services. Often suppliers need to be approved by their clients, who are usually big listed companies. The balance of power between them is not always equal.

In order to overcome these natural weaknesses, we help suppliers in

  • Drafting all necessary contract documents, including a legally conforming Purchase Orders,  Professional Supply of Goods and/or Services Agreement (PSA) governing the transaction of any equipment and/or services as well as proper invoicing
  • Assisting in negotiating good supply contracts
  • Collecting unpaid invoices
  • Advising on dispute resolutions in court and outside the courts

The Law Firm advises such Supply companies especially in the IT-sector, aviation and in connection with airports, esp. Frankfurt Airport. Achieving the status of an approved (licensed) supplier or winning a public tender is not always easy. We assist in this process on any legal issues.

The German legal issues in the supply chain are diverse and complex. The regulatory framework is based upon the German Civil Code (BGB), the Commercial Code (HGB) and various special national and EU rules and regulations concerned with the quality of goods and/or services as well as licensing, tendering and competition issues. Our Legal work commonly relates to:

  • the transfer of ownership of goods by agreement, incl. hire-purchase contracts
  • the defects/faults of goods and services and relating to remedial claims (damages, rescission of contract, specific performance etc.)
  • the collection of unpaid invoices
  • the seizure of goods by Courts
  • alternative dispute resolution particularly in an ongoing commercial relationship between two parties